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Here are two groups of prints and a single lonely print with no partners. All prints are signed and numbered.



Celebrating 125 Years in 2007

Monteagle Montages


"The Assembly" chose as a theme of celebration, the use of Japanese lanterns displayed outside homes and public buildings, as they had been popular also in the founding days. It is one of the few continuously operating centers of the Chautauqua movement; a summer retreat for the training of Sunday School teachers emphasizing religion, education, recreation and the arts.


It is located in Monteagle, Tennessee, a stone's throw from Interstate 40. Most cottages are Victorian or Prairie styles, making a charming and picturesque setting.


I began painting these montages of streets or groups of streets that year. Each print contains some element from each house or public area in one part of the Assembly. Also, each of the 16 Monteagle Montage images includes some Japanese lanterns and an American flag, as July 4th is the most celebrated holiday there. Every building and house in the Assembly is depicted partially in one of these prints. The house names and numbers are identified on an accompanying diagram of each print. A map shows the location of each print within the Assembly.


These are giclee prints, using archival inks and paper, which are signed and numbered by Wendy Leonard. 

WHEAT AND POPPIES (an alternative name: Poppy Seed Buns)

Yes, there is such a place! We happened upon it after taking a wrong turn onto a country road in southwest Germany, near the Black Forest. The intense red poppies and gently wavering golden wheat captured our attention--beckoning for a lovely respite in an otherwise hurried day. Standing in the field I looked left, straight ahead and to the right.

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